FAQ - Privacy Policy

To place an order, we need your customer information. We are very grateful for your confidence in Schuhe Lüke GmbH. We stand strictly to the rules of the Law on the Protection of private data.

Information about our customers are important for the progress of your order and are used solely for that purpose. We refuse to sell or propagate the private information of our customers to third parties. To preserve your data intact and visible during transmission, we encrypt the data with the most modern technical standards, the 128-bit encryption SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
We only store data that is essential for your order. These include:

1st Your personal information (such as the address etc.)

2nd The order number, order sum, order date and your payment information. We only store your data with your consent. When ordering, you agree this by accepting our terms and conditions.
To ensure that your personal data is not intercepted while transmitted, we encrypt your personal information with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). We use a 256-bit encryption, which is the current best safety level also used in the "Online Banking ". The 128-bit SSL encryption is supported by almost all modern browsers.

How it works: First, a secure connection between your browser and the server of the shoes Lüke GmbH is set up. This ensures that data is only sent from your computer to the server of the Schuhe lueke Lüke GmbH. Only when this connection is confirmed as secure, your data is sent.
Schuhe Lüke GmbH is a family business in the third generation and vouches for quality and trust. Schuhe Lüke has been a successful shoe retailer since 1938. The main office of Schuhe Lüke GmbH is located on Schusterstraße 22 in 79098 Freiburg. Since 1994 the company is led by the managing directors Angelika, Heinrich, Tobias and Christoph Lüke. Schuhe Lüke GmbH is entered and registered under HRB 4740 at the district court in Freiburg.